The team is great to work with and has done an excellent job. The quality of the work and the knowledge of the team has resulted in the project running smoothly. It is great to work with all of my contacts on this project from iNfernalSoft. The team is very professional.

Adam Cohen
Vice President / The Birmingham Group

It has been great to be with iNfernalSoft. My favorite part is the quality of resources these guys have. They are good people to work with, and know what they are doing.

Aaron Walther
Sales Development Manager / SecureLink

They (iNfernalSoft) know how to get a product shipping quickly and they didn’t let technical hurdles stop them from developing the core tech and getting to an awesome MVP.

Dennis Bielik
VP, Regional Manager / Charles Schwab Bank

The quality of the product and our account team was superb. Great communication and process. Very knowledgeable and accommodating to our requests. Always on time.

Christopher McLeay
Director / Busiconnect I.T.

Syed and his team focused on the solution agreed upon in the Statement of Work, while going above and beyond to research the industry and provide input and recommendations for the consumer and business experience within the solution.

Jarid Buck

iNfernalSoft has fantastic services. Their engineers are knowledgable and take the time to understand the needs of the client. Goals and milestones are well laid out. The client is kept appraised of developments and iNfernalSoft responds promptly to questions and concerns.

Gary Quek
General Manager / CS Global Group PTE LTD.

iNfernalSoft has a vision to grow in a very competitive market and to support start-ups reach their goals. They’re able to solve technical and logistical issues through a customized solution that caters to our business.

Kalyn Rozanski
Co-Founder and Lead Strategist / Ebco