Education Services

1:1 Consultation:

We offer 1:1 consultations with our award-winning Tech team to answer your questions and provide personal tutorials on any of our services.

Disk Usage Report:

It’s pretty easy to lose track of how much stuff we have, and the digital world is no exception. Our CloudTech team can help you keep your server up and running with a disk usage audit that focuses on log files, large databases, and other common causes of storage overuse.


Backup Services

Automatic System Backups (Restore):

We’ll help you restore your backup if something goes wrong and you need to get back on your feet.


Analysis Services

Front-End Performance Analysis:

Faulty code, outdated plugins, and other front-end problems can slow your site load times to a crawl. Our Engineers can run a full front-end performance report, help pinpoint why the response time might be high, and provide suggestions on how to improve it. This service would benefit anyone who demands fast and responsive websites—which is just about everyone.

MySQL Database Tuning:

Database administration can be cumbersome and panic-inducing if you’re not familiar with MySQL or RDS. Our team of Engineers can help repair and backup your database so that things are running as smoothly as possible. Recommended for CMS users without system administration experience.

Apache / NGINX Performance Tuning:

The right server settings will give you a faster, more efficient site or application. Let our team fine-tune yours for maximum performance.

Security Audit:

A Cloud engineer will audit your server security settings and make recommendations on how to improve security from best practices.

Email Queue Management (Atmail Only):

Mass email may create an unwanted queue that slows down your server and further delays delivery of time-sensitive data. Let us help you by clearing out email data and identifying sources of spam to resolve these issues.

Back-End Performance Analysis:

Having trouble pinpointing why your website or application is performing slowly? You could spend days figuring it out—or you could let the Cloud team get to the bottom of performance issues and make recommendations based on our findings.


Engineering Services

Web Application Installation:

From content management to image galleries and e-commerce, web applications can make your life so much easier. Our Engineers make it simple by installing and configuring a variety of web applications, themes, and plugins for you.

Intrusion Prevention:

We’ll install and configure Fail2Ban, a powerful, Python-based intrusion prevention framework, on your server.

Script/Directory Permissions:

Content management systems, blogs and contact forms rely on precise file/folder permissions. Our cloud support can apply the correct settings so your site functions properly and securely.

DNS Configuration:

For advanced setups that serve static assets from a subdomain or CDN, you’ll probably need to make changes to DNS. Our Engineers can ensure that these DNS updates are configured properly.

WordPress Permalink & Redirection Setup:

Need help with your WordPress .htaccess file? A iNfernalSoft Engineer will make sure it’s configured properly for you.

CDN Configuration for WordPress (CloudFront):

Do you need your WordPress media content delivered at lightning speed? We’ll help you configure Amazon Web Services’s CloudFront CDN for WordPress to make sure your users can get the content they want fast, no matter where they are on the globe.

SSL Certificate Installation:

The hardest part of setting up your online presence can be installing a third-party SSL certificate. From the certificate signing request, to the private key and the certificate itself, our cloud support can help ensure that your SSL is configured properly and serving your site securely over HTTPS.

One-Time Malware Cleanup:

If your site’s been infected with malware, our Engineers will manually investigate and clean it for you to get your site back on its feet.

Email Client Setup:

An iNfernalSoft Engineer will remotely connect to your computer and set up your email client to work with your mailbox.

FTP Client Setup:

An iNfernalSoft Engineer will remotely connect to your computer and set up your FTP client to connect with your server.

WordPress Plugin Setup:

From content management to image galleries and e-commerce, web applications can make your life so much easier. Our engineers make it simple by installing and configuring a variety of plugins for you.

WordPress Theme Setup:

Our Engineers make it simple by installing and configuring a variety of themes for you.

Note: This service includes only the technical installation and configuration of a theme, not UI/UX design or consultation.

Site Migration:

Ever migrated a website to a new server? We have – thousands of times. An expert website mover from the iNfernalSoft team will take that headache off of your hands and migrate any site, from any server.

Alternate PHP Version Installation:

Installing a different version of PHP can be a daunting task. If your application was coded on a version of PHP other than what’s installed on your server by default, An iNfernalSoft Engineer will take care of this for you.

Web Server / PHP Module Installation:

Many of today’s most popular web applications require sophisticated PHP modules. The iNfernalSoft team can install additional PHP modules that are compatible with our systems and Plesk or cPanel.

Custom Firewall Rules:

An iNfernalSoft engineer will create or remove firewall (iptables) rules based on your specifications.



An iNfernalSoft engineer will respond within 24 hours to begin your on-demand order. Please allow us 3 to 5 days from the request date for the completion of your order. If an order takes longer than the anticipated time, we will contact you before proceeding. Each website is different and all requests will be handled individually by a dedicated specialist.